Breast Cancer Survivor’s Find Encouragement at Retreat

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There are days you just don’t want to get out of your pajamas, and for some breast cancers survivors in Fargo they didn’t have to.

Vicky Westra is in a room where she knows she is not alone.

She gets to talk with others who are going through or have experienced the same feelings she has.

“Sometimes there can be loneliness when you’re going through treatment and so being in a room full of women that understand what you’re going through and can relate to your experiences, there’s that connection that you kind of get from being face to face,” Westra said. 

Westra is a stage four cancer patient meaning the disease is now incurable and it’s just a matter of time.

“A lot of uncertainty a lot of unknowns I think it helps us kind of stay in today,” Westra said. 

“It’s about living your life in this moment in time because that’s the only moment of time that they have. It’s about appreciating the small things,”said Roger Maris Cancer Center Psychologist Chery Hysjulien.

While the women say it’s about coming together and supporting each other they say it’s about having some fun and posing for the camera.

“Well I think emotional support and knowing that you’re not alone is a huge part of moving forward and feeling strong and inspired and empowered,” said Medical Director of the Cancer Survivorship Program Shelby Terstriep.

Women at the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Retreat at the Ramada Plaza and Suites say they are enjoying their time by having fun while being as strong as they can.

A fight that they are making challenging for the cancer, as these women make the best of each moment and play in front of the projector never forgetting to fully embrace each moment of their lives.

The retreat had an expert panel to discuss breast cancer myths, educational presentations and small group discussions.

This is the third annual event.