A Parade Of Homes Inspiring Design

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Homeowners got some extra design inspiration with the Fall Parade of Homes in the metro.

Gawking at beautiful homes from the outside is a common occurrence.

Getting to step inside, not so much.

Welcome to 2514 McLeod Drive, the featured home of the weekend and it’s easy to see why.

“I love the front sitting room. It’s just kind of fun, it’s kind of a funky mid-century modern mixed with neoclassic,” says Scheels designer consultant, Julie Alin. 

Julie decorated the home and now gets to watch as others gaze, and get inspired.

“It’s such an inspiring event because I think it even gives people the chance to come and reflect on what they can do to remodel,” says Alin. 

“And the style of the house is chic yet comfy. The designer says she wants people to be able to kick off their shoes and relax.”

“We have had tremendously good compliments, a lot of good feedback and so hopefully we have somebody to buy the home,” says Modern Homes Co-owner, Ryan Johnson. 

And it looks like it.

The house has already two interested homeowners.

But with over 50 houses at this year’s parade, you have your options.

“New people are coming into this community and calling it home and to have all these wonderful builders to choose from,” says Alin. 

But even those not looking to build, the parade of homes welcomes anyone, even to just gawk.