Beans Coffee Bar Takes Over Old A & W Restaurant

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Beans Coffee Bar will soon be expanding its coffee franchise to a location that many may remember as a food joint.

The coffee bar will be taking over the A&W location on South University Drive.

Previous owner Warren Ackley owned A&W for 21 years, and was able to sell it in less than a week.

The original Beans Coffee Bar located along Veterans Boulevard opened a year ago.

Owners Heidi and Chris Holland are excited to expand to their second location.

“Well the hospital was built, and it was a new strip mall, and a ton of growth out here with the residential, and right off the freeway so we thought it would be a good spot, and it’s been a really great, great spot,” says Heidi Holland.

No date has been set for when the new location will open.

The Hollands are hoping for sometime early next year.