“She Gained Two Wings”: Funeral Service for Cathy Jostad

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The community of Kindred gathers to celebrate the life of 30-year bus driving veteran Cathy Jostad.

A funeral was held for Jostad at Norman Lutheran Church in Kindred.

The church pews at Norman Lutheran Church began to fill with family, friends, loved ones and even people who never met Cathy.
Cathy Jostad lost both of her legs and her life after driving a school bus that collided with three semis in dense fog just two weeks ago

But those at the funeral say she has gained two wings.

Cathy’s husband Bob was one of the first responders on the scene and he says those are now precious moments.
“To be there to console someone at the end of their time I think she really understood she looked down, and she knew she didn’t have, wasn’t going to have legs.”
Scripture reading, prayer, the singing of hopeful church songs…is what comforted those who hugged and dried their eyes in remembrance of Cathy.

Bob can still picture one of their last conversations as she lay pinned in the school bus.
“‘I quit’ you you know, and she said ‘yup see you at three o’clock’ but when she was sitting on that bus, and I got her head up and got her a little comfortable. Made sure she had some bleeding in her mouth we got that fixed, and I said what can I do for this? ‘Now I quit’. Just so sad.”
He says that the overwhelming support from the community has made all the difference for their family.
“Just been blessed by this community, and Cathy of course you know.”
Bob says that he is determined to make something good out the tragedy.

He wants to become an advocate in making sure that truck drivers go through thorough training and licensing processes to help prevent accidents like this from happening.