Fargo One Step Closer To Finding Next Police Chief

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The city of Fargo is getting closer to finding its next police chief, possibly by Monday.

Search committee members are optimistic about all three police chief candidates, but a decision will have to be made soon.

The three remaining candidates interviewed at city hall include Fargo Interim Chief Dave Todd, Fargo Lieutenant Joe Vettel and Captain George Austin from the Charlotte Mecklenberg North Carolina Police Department.

All three talked about their views on local issues and national policing items.

“All three had a good first day. It was a good opportunity to learn more about each of the candidates and their vision for the department and a little bit more about their leadership characteristics as well,” says Director of Human Resources Jill Minette. 

The committee will continue to learn more about each candidate tomorrow.

The day will start with an open discussion with the candidates followed by a mock press conference.