Search For Fargo’s Next Police Chief Comes To An End

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The awaited police chief search has finally come to a close.

Our KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill joined the search committee for their final round of interviewing and it wasn’t long after that the chief was announced.

She joins us live in studio.


That’s right Bianca. Just around noon today Fargo Police welcomed Dave Todd as their new chief. The announcement followed just about an hour after the last round of interviewing wrapped up. In fact, an interviewing process that I got to be part of.

It was a rigorous interview process, culminating with some tough questions coming from none other than the media.

“It’s important to keep our community informed and be transparent about incidents in a timely manner and strives to do that while at the same time recognizes it’s important to protect the integrity of an open investigation,” says Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd.

As of this morning, each remaining candidate for the Chief position conducted their own mock press conference, and what’s a press conference without reporters?

“And often times you keep asking questions and somebody might get frustrated and give the answer or do something different so you kind of want to see what kind of demeanor they have, how professional they are in that response,” says Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

But within an hour the committee made their decision, recommending Dave Todd as the next Fargo Police Chief.

“And if you would have asked me a year ago if I would have been the chief I wouldn’t have believed that,” says Chief Todd.

“Mayor Mahoney said it was important the chief had a vision for the department. Something Chief Todd is already planning.”

In fact, Chief Todd has already conducted meetings with the department. He says there’s no one better to hear from him than his fellow officers.

“We’ll use that information to create a strategic plan. A 3 – 5 year plan for the department on how we can move forward but those don’t happen overnight we’re going to have to put some work into that,” says Chief Todd.

Work that Chief Todd is more than excited to start.

As for the relationship between Chief Todd and Lt. Joel Vettel, one of the other police chief candidates, he says nothing has changed. He said they’ll continue to be team players because that’s what the Fargo Police Department is all about.

Reporting live, Sarah Brechbill, KVRR news.

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