Have a City Of Fargo Complaint? There’s an App For That!

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Do you have a complaint that you would like to report to the City of Fargo?

You can now do that right from your smart phone.

The city has launched Fargo One.

The mobile app will allow residents to report non-emergency problems anytime and anywhere.

Users of the app can upload pictures reporting issues they come across in their neighborhoods like graffiti, a street light that is out or road damage.

They can also track, and view the status of their complaint.

City leaders hope the app makes them more accessible to people.

“It’s very easy for me to check, and see are we addressing all those issues in a timely fashion, and this is one more thing in our community that will allow us in the community. Where you feel you have a responsive city, public works, and we’re doing our job,” says Mayor Tim Mahoney.

The Fargo One mobile app is free and available on Android and Apple devices.