Record Setting Year for Sugar Beet Production

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It has been a record setting year for sugar beet production in the Red River valley.

The expected record for yields this year is estimated to be anywhere from 27.5 to 28 tons per acre.

That tops the prior 2012 crop record of 27.1 tons per acre.

Sugar beet producers are looking to haul in approximately 11 million tons from 400,000 acres this year.

Ideal temperatures are being credited for the favorable harvest.

“It has been relatively dry, and that’s really helped with being able to harvest beets at a very nice pace. Several of our days we received more tons per day than we’ve ever received before this year,” says Brian Ingulsrud, Vice President of Agriculture at American Crystal Sugar.
The sugar beet harvest is 95% done. Around 75% of growers in the region have completed production.