Local Businesses Learn a Thing or Two from Lt. Joel Vettel

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Lt. Joel Vettel traded in a few hours of police work to educate local businesses on what they can do to prevent violence in the workplace.

Vettel spoke at the Chambers 16th annual business training event.

In his training, “A Proactive Approach to Workplace Violence”, Vettel shared tips in how to be safe in any situation.

He also explained how to recognize the red flags when dealing with disgruntled employees.

Vettel says open communication is key to ending workplace violence.

“We’ve found through history is part of really ongoing investigation into why these things happen it’s been it’s been the lack of communication, and so I want to empower people with the knowledge, but also make sure they understand that you know they need to say something,” says Lt. Vettel.
Current statistics show that disgruntled employees were the cause of up to 10 percent of deaths that have happened in the workplace.