WEB EXCLUSIVE: Trunk or Treating…Kids Say the Best Things!

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Halloween is just around the corner, but a special group of kids got a jump start.

It was a parking lot filled with fairies, superheroes and…
“I’m gonna be the Vikings head coach,” says Alex Leach of Fargo.
But amidst the unique costumes, there was one similarity.

Most of the kids here suffer from some type of health issue.
So to ensure a safe, fun Halloween, Family Voices of North Dakota got a little creative…introducing “Trunk” or Treat.
“And every trunk takes a child into a different world. This one being a fairy tale.”

Dressing as a vampire and witch isn’t the Gilcrest’s typical attire, but for their son with autism the day doesn’t just bring candy but a community as well.
“I suppose it means extra support for us and we know it’s not just us. We’re all in the same boat, everybody together,” says Eunan Gilcrest of Fargo.
“This is a very good opportunity to bridge the social gap between special needs and not,” says Sami Watkins of Fargo.
As for our future Vikings head coach, he shares a few wise words for the Halloween season.
“Candy has too much sugar you know,” says Leach.
But like any true coach, he’s staying competitive.
“But I’m counting my candy as soon as I get home,” says Leach.
Sarah Brechbill, KVRR News.