Say Goodbye to the Old School Eye Chart

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Detecting early vision problems is usually done by simply reading an eye chart.

But for students at Ed Clapp Elementary School, they’re having machines do the work instead.

Thanks to a Lions Club grant, kids as young as preschool are getting their vision checked by the new Plus Optix 12 machine.

The machine can detect vision problems in kids of all ages. The hope is by checking at a young age, many of these disabilities can even be corrected.

“I was an educator all my life and I know there were a number of kids who struggled through school because they had undetected vision issues. Sometimes they were identified as learning disabled and all kinds of things and really they could just not see very well,” says Fargo Lions Club Member, Mel Olson.

The Fargo Lions is performing vision checks at day cares, elementary schools and children’s programs all for free.

Contact Mel Olson at (701)-730-0152, if you know of an organization that would like to have children screened.