Grand Forks Sees Growth West Of I-29

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Grand Forks is growing.

New buildings going up are the product of a new development trend according to local officials.

“Seems like business and industry is going west, and we’re now getting on the other side of I–29”, says Grand forks Region Economic Development Vice President Keith Lund.

You can see it driving into town.

The city of Grand Forks expands westward.

Minnkota Power Cooperative is building a 250,000 square foot headquarters, replacing a 70-year-old facility.

“Ultimately at the new site we’ll have all the warehousing facilities, all the maintenance facilities, equipment, all the employees, so everyone will work out of one campus”, says Minnkota CEO Mac McLennan

This is just one of a flurry of developments west of I–29.

“And the other projects that you saw west of 29 would be in the same category. FedEX Ground and whatever else,” adds Lund.

McLennan says the highway access makes this an ideal place to build.

It’s easier to send crews out on the job.

In the case of MinnKota, the company is expanding because the city of Grand Forks is expanding itself. They need more space to house larger equipment and more equipment. And with the city’s growing infrastructure, this facility will help them keep up the pace.”

Lund adds, “And that primary sector business growth is helping drive some of the other growth you see in the community, housing, retail, hospitality.”

The hope is that growth continues. Grand Forks is preparing just in case.

“I think the city and the region is well–positioned for it. The strategic investments in infrastructure and other assets is critically important when it comes to supporting business growth”, says Lund.

Grand Forks is also utilizing a property tax exemption program available to North Dakota cities to help promote more development in the city.