Need Increases To House The Homeless

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Akira Fajar hasn’t even been with Churches United for a full year, and already he can’t remember how many people he’s turned away.

“I can’t even think we’ve turned down numerous families,” says shelter advocate, Akira Fajar.

And it never gets any easier.

“Especially if they’re families and they have little babies, turning them away it’s very, very hard,” says shelter advocate, Lynn Onyncha.

“What we consider overflow are housed in a few of our offices or chapels that have been converted,” says Community Center Director, Lisa Lipari.

“One of the families is sleeping on mats in this boardroom. And every morning they have to pack their stuff and move it to the side.”

But the staff at United Churches doesn’t stop there.

“FM churches sheltering project takes in single men and women during the coldest months of the year,” says Lipari.

But with each year the need continues to grow.

“With low vacancy rates, landlords can rent to the sure thing versus someone that may have poor credit score, past convictions,” says Lipari.

And whether it’s turning to local churches, other shelters or just pulling out more mats, Churches United never wants to leave someone in the cold. Sarah Brechbill, KVRR news.

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