Stay Safe This Trick-Or-Treating Season

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Kids are two times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year.
To make sure your kids stay safe, KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill has a few tips to keep in mind when trick-or-treating.
For three-year-old Cameron and two-year-old Ariana deciding on the perfect Halloween costume can be tough.
“Well we walked in she wanted to be Minnie mouse and he wanted to be spider man and we walked out with two pirate costumes.”
But for mother of two Allison Smith, she has another worry on her mind.
“You have to pay extra attention to the little ones. They’re going to be taking off,” says Allison Smith of Fargo.
Taking off, sometimes into the streets. That’s why staying noticeable is so important, and the number one tool to do so?
“Glow sticks,” says Fargo Fire Marshall, Ryan Erickson.
“Put glow sticks on kids,” says Smith.
“People are really interested in the glow sticks,” says Spirit Halloween Store Asst. Manager, Justin Collins.
Glow sticks are sure to keep the costumes creative, but with any October night cold temperatures can be another concern and an easy fix.
“Staying warm can be as easy as the costume you buy. Masks like this are fury and cover the whole face.”
“The princess dresses are always popular because they cover the legs and put leggings on. The ninja turtle costumes and the skin suits too and they keep you actually pretty warm,” says Collins.
And another safety concern that doesn’t always cross everyone’s mind.
“A lot of those costumes are cheaper made so you don’t want to be carrying around open flames,” says Erickson.
So rather than a real candle in your jack-o-lantern, opt for a glow stick or a flame-less candle.

Another way to ensure a spooky, safe trick-or-treating season.

Sarah Brechbill, KVRR news.
Safe Kids Worldwide suggests any kids under the age of 12 should trick-or-treat with an adult.

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