When It Comes To Your Health, Know Your Options

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When faced with an urgent medical concern, many people immediately turn to the ER.

But is that the best thing to do?
When it comes to medical care you have your options and that’s where it can get tough.

But knowing where and when to go not only gets you your best care, but saves time and money as well.
The difference seems easy.
“The emergency room specializes in life-threatening emergencies and traumatic injuries. Urgent care specializes in more of the routine day to day ailments that don’t necessarily require hospitalization,” says Essentia Emergency Medicine Physician, Christopher Anderson.
But when you start to go case by case, the distinction can get tough.
“Dehydration…we’ll have to refer you to the ER because walk-ins aren’t equipped with IVs,” says Essentia Clinic Nurse, Amelia Wegscheid.
Things like head trauma, broken bones and chest pain are left for the ER.

And knowing the difference can save you a large chunk of change. If a walk-in clinic has to send you to the ER, you’re paying both bills.
“Neither urgent care or the emergency room should replace your routine care through your primary physician,” says Dr. Anderson.
“I need my meds refilled and I didn’t go to that appointment with my primary care provider when they should have been the ones to see them and refill it. Now it’s put on us because we’re here to fill it but it’s not necessarily an acute walk-in issue,” says Wegscheid.
Things like warts and prescription medication should be handled by your doctor. Anything involving a follow-up visit, try to stay clear of the walk-in.
“Whether we show up here, primary care or in the emergency room we know there’s people who are going to help,” says Wegscheid.
But help yourself first, know your options to get your best care…and save some time and money while you’re at it.

There are also different walk-in clinics, ranging from orthopedics to pediatrics. So, if you have a child dealing with a sore throat you can take them to a pediatric clinic.

Again, knowing your options now will save you in your time of need.

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