Halloween Hits The Valley. Here’s How Locals Enjoyed the Holiday

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 Halloween is a busy day here in the Valley.

There were plenty of fun activities for all ages.

Before the fun of going from door to door asking for candy, some families started the celebration early at the Yunker Farm.

Kids and families went to the “Not Too Scary Haunted House” for games and crafts.

As it got darker, pint-size characters were ready to start collecting candy.

Those who didn’t want to brave the cold took the trick–or–treating indoors.

Young trick-or-treater Ella Salihovic says she hopes to get “5,000 candy.”

The mall seems to be a hot spot for kids looking to score some candy.

Kids are racking up tons of it.

Life has never been sweeter for these trick–or–treaters, even though the weather was sour.

“Well the weather isn’t that great outside. We heard that it was good the last year so we wanted to check it out. We haven’t been here,” says Moorhead mom Kaci Putz.

The Haunted Mall, better known as the Moorhead Center Mall, had more than just candy to offer.

You could learn to throw a lasso, paint a pumpkin, or explore cemetery.

The cemetery was filled with more candy than zombies.

For those seeking a little scare and thrill there were haunted farms and mazes open late.

The Maze of Terror at Thunder Road is a lazer tag room transformed into a haunted house.

This is not for the faint–hearted.

“It was very good. It was scary. It was exciting. They really gave us quite a show,” says Cooperstown resident Jeff Rinstad.

The 3,000 square–foot haunted house features zombies, Jason from Friday the 13th and a scary clown.

From tots to adults the Halloween spirit carries on in Fargo.