Middle Schoolers Experience College for the Day

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A group of middle schoolers are finding out what it’s like to be in college for a day.

It’s all part of the AVID school program at Horizon Middle School, teaching 6th grade students learning strategies to become successful in school.

Leading up to the college visit at MSUM, students completed a research project answering questions from how to apply to how to pay.

MSUM faculty members, student athletes and professors also helped to give students a real life take on college life.

“Every single student has given me a different thing that they’re excited for. Some students love this planetarium and the astronomy side. The more artistic students are loving the model drawings, other students, the more theatrical minded, they’re doing the improv and they’re enthused about that,” says 6th Grade Avid Prep Teacher, Matthias Valan.

College professors even led a few classes for the students.

The AVID course is a quarterly class taught to all sixth graders at Horizon Middle School.