Too Good to be True: Silver Scam

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A local newspaper ad advertises U.S. State Silver Bars as a steal, but it turns out they’re stealing your money.

A company based out of Ohio is selling the silver bars at $134, but offering a special deal of just $57 to residents living in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana.

It turns out, you would be losing money.

A local metal dealer at Treasure Island says they sell the same weight of silver for just $17.

“I think people do fall for it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be taking the ad out. This is not the first time we’ve seen a full page ad like this and they really try to play psychological games with people by saying you can have it for 57 if you live here. You’re so lucky,” says Treasure Island President, Chris Olson.

Olson says the company has run ads like this before. He urges consumers to do their research before buying metals.