Is Uber Dangerous for Drivers?

Is Uber safe?

An attack on an Uber driver in California raises concerns about the safety of the ride-sharing app.
The fact of the matter is that Uber drivers let strangers into their personal vehicles.

But here in Fargo, there’s not as much concern that they’re in danger when they give people rides.
A drunk Taco Bell executive assaulted an Uber driver in California last week.

The driver had to use pepper spray to escape the attack.
“He was incredibly aggressive throughout the ride. He refused to put on a seat belt. I mean he made me feel uncomfortable from the time he got in the vehicle,” says Edward Caban, the driver who was assaulted.
Uber started in Fargo this May.

Chris Hanson has been driving for the company since then.
He says, “Driving for Uber is, I kind of equate it to fishing. You gotta know the right
areas to go to. It can be a lot of fun. You never know who you’re gonna met.”
Hanson says Uber only offers about 15 minutes of training videos on different scenarios they could run into.

They’re allowed to kick unruly passengers out of their cars, but there’s no official guidelines.
“They don’t really teach you how to do it, just to be courteous and nice and hope for the best out of the people that are using the app,” Hanson says.
Uber drivers don’t necessarily have to pick up a passenger if they’re concerned about their safety. On the Uber app, passengers rate drivers and drivers also rate passengers. So if a passenger has a low rating the driver can just ignore the request and drive along.
“If somebody is, goes against what Uber stands for, you give them a low rating and eventually you get kick off the system,” Hanson adds.
He says it’s just part of the risk, especially, when he says many Uber passengers are intoxicated.
“Especially on the weekends that’s exactly what you’re gonna expect, and that’s partially why it’s here, to give that alternative,” he says.
One attack in California isn’t going to change his attitude toward giving people a lift.
Hanson says, “Driving in Fargo, I think we’re a pretty trustworthy group.”
The Uber website has a code of conduct for both passengers and drivers.

Every passenger who uses the app is required to set up an account with their personal and payment information.

Anonymous riders cannot use the service.

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