Birthday Girl Helps Friend in Need

Here’s a story that will warm your heart.

Most ten year old girls want lots of gifts for their birthday, but not Taelyn Alm.

She wants to help her friend in need.

On the birthday table, she had a donation box labeled “Annie.”

Annie Hannig lost a leg when she was just one year old.

Donations from the party will help Annie get a brand new prosthetic leg.

“Instead of asking for gifts, she asked for the donations for her friend,” says Taelyn’s mother Tina Alm.

“I think I was overwhelmed and joyed that that many people cared about my daughter. I obviously think that she’s a fabulous child, it’s nice to see that the community cares and that friends are caring for her,” says Annie’s mother Elizabeth Hannig.

Taelyn celebrated her birthday at the Fargo Theater.

75 guests were invited to watch the movie “Annie,” while helping Annie herself have less of a hard knock life.

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