Breast Cancer Won’t Bring This Family Down

A mom, daughter, and two sisters are committed to making sure any woman with breast cancer doesn’t feel alone.
Their non-profit, Pink It Forward is doing just that.
At just six months old Adeline doesn’t have too many worries yet. But eventually that will change, all because of one genetic gene.
“I just felt like let’s get the mastectomy, do the reconstruction and move on with my life,” says Pink It Forward Co-Founder, RueAnn Gallagher.
RueAnn was diagnosed with breast cancer last January, her sister was diagnosed last fall and for the third time, her mom was also diagnosed.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.
RueAnn’s sister Tammy counts as she tries to remember the number of family members who have been diagnosed.

“I think it’s 11,” says Pink It Forward Co-Founder, Tammy Gimbel.
Deanne Leier is one of those 11. She was the first of her generation to be diagnosed at age 39, the same age her mom was diagnosed.
“Just tears,” says Pink It Forward Co-Founder, Deanne Leier.
It’s a feeling Deanne wants no other person to feel.

And as women and men shop for holiday goodies from over 40 different vendors, they’re helping make no one feels alone.

The money raised from today’s event will go toward sending treatment kits to anyone going through the disease.
“Just knowing that someone else can kind of feel what you’re feeling during that time would really be able to help you get through it,” says Leier.
Kayla is the only one of the four founders who hasn’t been diagnosed.

But at 27 years old she knows her chances are still high,  something her daughter Adeline will soon face too.

For a family with so much heartbreak, their joy radiates and they plan to spread that joy for years to come.

You can donate to Pink It Forward by clicking here.

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