Fargo Police: Teen Lied, Drug Deal Gone Bad at Walmart

Police say an attack that was originally reported as a random beating, was actually a drug deal gone bad.

A 17-year-old boy originally told police he was robbed and beaten in the parking lot of the south Fargo Walmart on November 6th.

The boy then chased the alleged attacker, a 19-year-old man, for several blocks.

Fargo police say inconsistencies in the teen’s story led investigators to determine that the two had met for a drug deal, and that the attack was not random.

“It created some community concerns about safety issues and so forth, and we felt compelled to put this out and let the public know that this wasn’t just a random act. It was a prearranged drug deal that had gone awry,” says Fargo Police Lieutenant Mike Mitchell.

Charges have not yet been filed in the incident.

The case has been turned over to the Cass County States Attorney.

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