Coached By An Olympian

It’s not every day two Olympic champions lead your swim practice.
It was one of the greatest comebacks in men’s swimming history.
As Jason Lezak dove into the pool, right behind France’s world record holder the pressure was on.
“I could have given up. I could have said hey this is the world record holder, silver is ok. But I didn’t,” says Olympic Swimmer Gold Medalist, Jason Lezak.
A message Lezak wants to share with the rest of the swimming community.
“A lot of times throughout that race I had negative thoughts which I told the kids and anytime something like that comes in my head I talk it over positive,” says Lezak.
Jason is just one of the swim instructors with Mutual Omaha Breakout Swim Clinic. Swim ambassadors travel the country inspiring young swimmers to achieve their goals.
“They see that we’re ordinary people with an extraordinary commitment,” says Josh Davis, Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist.
“I raced with him when I was 12 years old and that stuck with me all throughout my career. That’s why I’m coaching now because it instilled a love for the sport for me to see someone that passionate about it,” says Northern Lights Swimming Coach, Anneliesse Bruns.
“We get emails and calls all the time. I dropped a second after I went to your clinic,” says Davis.
And while both Josh and Jason are retired from their swimming careers the swimming family stays forever.
“The friends who swam they never give it up, whether they’re following times or joining master swimming. It’s one of those sports that once you do it, you never get away from it,” says Lezak.
Whether they’re training the next Olympic champion, or helping break a personal best, Jason and Josh hope above everything else, they can pass on their passion for the sport, one stroke at a time.
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