Have Seconds! Is Coffee the Ticket to a Longer Life?

The coffee you drank on the way to work this morning is doing more than just keeping you awake.

Researchers have found that it could be helping you live a longer life.

Science has proved that coffee is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.

Researchers have found that people who drink up to three to five cups of day have a 15 percent lower risk of early death.
“And really what its finding is that it’s the bean of the coffee that has positive health affects more than just the caffeine,” says Sanford Health Coach Kari Thompson.
Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants.

They have been proven to protect against different forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes.
Researchers found that not only is regular coffee good for you, but decaf too.
For religious coffee drinkers like Bonnie Erickson of Fargo, the study isn’t going to change much of her already daily routine.
“Two cups in the morning, and then I’ll have one to two cups in the afternoon. I’ve done that for quite a while now, and I’m glad to hear that it is good for you, so I’ll probably keep drinking that amount,” says Erickson.
And besides the daily pick me up, she says it also brightens her mood.
“You do feel happy when you have a cup of coffee so a lot of plus,” she says.
So what if you’re not a coffee drinker?
“You can find the same nutrients in fruits, but it is nice to say that someone who is enjoying a cup of coffee a day they can continue to do that and may reap some health benefits,” says Thompson.
And for coffee drinkers like Bonnie, it is good news.

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