Holiday Travelers Enjoying Relief at the Pump

Travelers are giving thanks this year for lower gas prices.
Nearly 42 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles during Thanksgiving week.

Quite a few of those, it seems, are passing through the valley and enjoying relief at the pump.
A year ago, gas prices in Fargo-Moorhead were around $2.70 a gallon.

Now, cars are lining up two and three deep at the Moorhead Holiday gas station to take advantage of prices below $1.90.

For Abby Anderson from Mandan, the prices really help the journey over the river and through the woods.

She’s visiting her grandparents in Michigan.

With these prices, she says she can afford more than gas this week.

“I’m excited that we’re saving money with gas prices being lower now so we can do a little extra Black Friday shopping,” says Anderson.
AAA says more Americans will be on the roads this Thanksgiving week than any year since 2007.

About 90 percent of holiday travelers are expected to drive this year instead of flying.

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