Hundreds “Burn the Bird” During Thanksgiving Run

Around 600 runners braved the cold to burn off some calories before Thanksgiving dinner, and help feed those in need.
This is the third year the YMCA has hosted the “Burn the Bird” run.

Participants proved their mettle by running and walking in sub 20 degree weather.

The event also serves a greater purpose.

Runners donated foot and money to the Great Plains Food Bank and the Livestrong foundation to support people battling cancer.

The run is quickly becoming a holiday tradition. 150 more runners took part this year than last year.

“Thanksgiving Day is probably the most popular day of the year in the United States for running races. It’s a day when a lot of people aren’t working. They want to get their exercise in so then they feel like they can go have a big dinner, so it’s a popular day for running events,” says organizer Bill Schalow
The first runners across the finish line won a prize everyone can appreciate on Thanksgiving, an entire pie.

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