Waste Not, Want Not! Public Potluck Rids Homes of Holiday Leftovers

Reports estimate that Americans waste 40% of our food resources annually.

Food waste increases by an additional 33% between the holidays.

That’s the reason Junkyard Brewery Company in Moorhead and Ugly Food of the North teamed up to launch its first “Junksgiving.”

This is a potluck open to the public.

Guests were invited to bring holiday leftovers or “re-purposed” leftovers by creating a new dish.

“The goal of the event is to just kind of raise awareness of our leftovers and thinking twice before chucking them into the garbage. And thinking, ‘is there another meal that I can make out of these by combining them with something else? Or making them into something new and delicious?” says Junkyard Brewing Company Owner, Aaron Juhnke.

For guests unable to make or bring a dish, a $5 donation was optional.

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