“Locks…only keep the honest people out”: Even Police Not Immune to Home Burglary

Fargo police are investigating a string of home burglaries that happened over the holiday weekend.

The five homes that were burglarized are located east of University Avenue from 21st through 32nd Avenues North.

A Fargo officer’s home was among one of the homes broken in to.

This recent string of crime is making neighbors a little nervous.

“I guess it is a little concerning that the crime is in our area,” says neighbor, Erin Renner.

“They still want to break in, they’ll break in. When it’s this close to your neighborhood, you do have somewhat of a concern,” says neighbor, Dan Schmaltz.

Neighbors near 32nd Avenue in Fargo were shocked that the robbers were able to get through deadbolts.

Deadbolts are what the Fargo police was pushing residents to get to avoid being an easy target.

“Locks a lot of the time will only keep the honest people out and if someone really wants to break a door even with a dead bolt, they can do it,” says Fargo Police, Lt. Mike Mitchell.

Mitchell says they believe the criminals were aiming for homes that were vacant during Thanksgiving weekend.

Electronics, jewelry, firearms and vehicles were stolen.

Two vehicles were taken from two different residents.

A 2004 Silver GMC Envoy with the license plate GWN184.

And a 2008 Gray Chevy Impala with plate numbers JVR549.

“It really doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. We’re all susceptible to being victimized,” says Mitchell.

A Fargo detective’s home that was also robbed is believed to not be a target but a coincidence.

His safe was broken into and three firearms and his police badge were stolen.

“It does make you wonder how they’re doing it. Why did they choose your home and would they do that while you’re home. That’s even scary actually,” says neighbor Gail Renner.

Lieutenant Mitchell says that having the motion sensor lights and informing your neighbors about your travels are ways to lower your chances of your home being broken into.

“We live in a neighborhood we’re we have retired people. People who are home a lot of the time so I feel a little more secure living in that neighborhood,” says Gail.

“Overall the community is safe and that people generally look out for each other in the neighborhood. And I think that the police do a good job at keeping things under control,” says Erin.

Fargo police are still investigating the home burglaries.

They currently do not have any suspects or leads yet.

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