Make Sure the Ice is Nice Before Heading Out for Your Big Catch

Winter is here and anglers are already headed out on the ice.

The Minnesota DNR says the ice on most lakes isn’t 100% ready, but for those taking the risk, safety is key.

John Store of Quality Bait and Tackle in Detroit Lakes says one major safety tip is to never go out alone.

“You’re a lot better off where there is other people for the simple fact that if something happens then you have some help around, it’s not easy to crawl out of hole,” said Store.

He says he knows from experience.

“But I’m like a pogo stick, when I go in I come out. It’s cold,” said Store.

When it comes to safety bait shops like Quality, they say it’s important to have an ice pick, an ice chisel, or a rope.

Anglers aren’t the only ones heading out on the ice early.

David Gilsey of Detroit Lakes says his 3–year-old son Daniel couldn’t wait to break in his very first pair ice skates.

He says the ice did pop and crackle, but they are staying safe rather than sorry.

“It was a little bit noisy, but someone told me it was safe and I believe them, but we’ve been staying kind of near the sand so we don’t get too deep out in case it does open up,” said Gilsley.

The DNR says if weather conditions are favorable, the ice should be at the recommended five inch mark within the next two weeks.

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