Step Back In Time At A Bonanzaville Christmas Tradition

Three weeks to go until Christmas and kids are getting in the spirit by stepping back in time.
Christmas on the Prairie is a Bonanzaville tradition attracting families year after year.

This year kids stepped back in time to the 1920’s getting the chance to explore a Christmas village within that same era.

But as it turns out no matter what era you’re in the North Pole is always just a phone call away.
No matter what era you’re in, when the North Pole calls you answer.
Because if not, you’re getting coal.
“The kids here in North Dakota they see the coal trains going by so they know what coal is,” says Santa Claus at Bonanzaville.
Keeping the Christmas spirit alive in the 1920s involves a crackling fire and cheery tunes.

There’s no better way to get in the spirit of Christmas than with a horse drawn carriage ride. Didi and Cici are just two of the horses taking kids of all ages around the village.
“It’s the educational component that gets me really excited because you can see the kids faces light up,” says event coordinator, Missy Warren.
But even in the 1920’s kids knew if they were being naughty or nice.

Confessions were quick.

“I pranked my brother a lot of times this year.”

“I’ve been really good but sometimes i give my mom attitude and I shouldn’t.”

“I do a lot of mean stuff to my sister sometimes I prank her and stuff like that.”
But it looks like these kids might be in the clear.
“I’m impressed with how well behaved these kids are I really am. They’ve been some really good kids. they can be proud of themselves and their parents can be proud of them,” says Santa.

It’s clear Christmas On The Prairie is a treasured tradition. The carriage driver for this year’s event says her father and even her grandfather also shared the same role.

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