The Eight Month Old Viking Warrior

At just eight months old he’s being called a Viking Warrior, but he needs your help.

Ryer Hoeg was born two months premature.

While he was in the hospital Ryer contracted an infection that only 20 percent of full term babies survive, earning him the nickname, Viking Warrior.

Friends and family have teamed up with Lend-A-Hand to ease some of the financial worries for the Hoeg family.

“We have gift cards I think from every business in town it looks like we’ve got hundreds of them. And just family and friends. I did take care of the other two brothers kids. So the whole Hoeg family I’ve taken care of their kids, so it’s important to me,” says Lead Volunteer, Jackie Ness.
Ryer is schedule to have at least two more surgeries this Spring.

Lend-A-hand will match up to $5,000 dollars raised.

If you would like to help Ryer and the Hoeg family you can click here.

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