The Day that Lives on in Infamy

Exactly 74 years ago the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor launched the U.S. into World War II.
We spoke with local veterans who want all Americans to remember the day that lives in infamy.

More than 2,000 lives were lost on December 7th, 1941.
It’s a date Franklin D. Roosevelt declared would live on in infamy.

The attack changed the course of American history forever.

I talked with local veterans and they say just like 9/11, Pearl Harbor united the American Spirit and is a day people should honor in reverence for the lives we lost.
“This is not a day to celebrate. This is a day to remember those people that lost their lives. Changed our life. We went into World War II two days after that so people need to know this,” says Veteran Terry Richardson.

Videos from Pearl Harbor played throughout the day at the Fargo VFW in honor of the anniversary.

And a fact you may not know about Pearl Harbor is that during the two week government shutdown in 2013.

Service members stationed in Hawaii made sure the site was cared for.

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