Grand Forks Triples Grant Money for Non-Profits in 2015

The city of Grand Forks has more than tripled the amount of grant money awarded to local non-profits.
The city’s Community Development Block Grant Program received a financial windfall when the city sold a plot of land that was originally earmarked for a local business.

Instead, the City Council divided up $1.6 million for non-profit groups.

The Grand Forks Housing Authority got the most money, $350,000.

Several healthcare and social programs also won grants.

“Build and apartment building, get the chronically homeless a safe place to live, and because they’re a captive audience in one location it’s easier and cheaper for other non-profits to provide the services to help them get back on their feed,” says City Council President Dana Sande.
The extra grant money is expected to be only a one-year luxury for the city.

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