IPAT Granting Wishes: Woman with ALS Finds New Connection

Technology has the power to make lives easier and that’s especially true for people with disabilities.
IPAT is a non-profit bringing assisted technology to people who need it the most.

All Geraldine wants is one thing, to be able to connect with family members on her own.

Something that she says ALS stole from her.
“She just wanted to call her family members without the help of nurses,” says Assistive Technology Consultant, Trish Floyd.
Except for some limited movement in her head and finger, Geraldine is paralyzed.

But with the help of a Bluetooth wireless switch, Geraldine isn’t just calling her friends, she’s become a savvy IPhone user.
“She can control her phone faster than I can just using that switch set up and her one little finger,” says Floyd.
IPAT has helped connect more than 400 people with life changing technologies.
“You can just move the document along the camera by controlling this board here,” says Floyd.
The desktop digital magnifier is just one of the hundreds of gadgets IPAT helps people with disabilities use, making day to day life just a little easier.
“The plug lock is an item that makes sure people with memory loss don’t use these items that can pose a threat without taking them out of their home.”

What we want to do is match the right piece of technology to the person. So the technology to the person not to the person to the technology,” says Floyd.

From easy accessible buttons to turning lights on and off with your IPad, the options are endless.
“So this device has saved lives literally,” says Floyd.
Technology, making life easier and just a little more fun.
IPAT helps people throughout the state connect with helpful gadgets.

They have offices in Fargo and Bismarck.

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