Moorhead Residents Will Be Paying More in Property Taxes

Moorhead property owners can expect a tax increase for the coming year.

Residents will be paying $138 dollars more in property taxes this coming year.

Out of that number, $55 dollars is being taxed by the city and the rest is coming from mainly the county and school district.

The reason for the increase is Moorhead’s home values are on the rise.

And after last night’s City Council Meeting, it’s clear not everyone is in favor.

“I’ve been living here for almost six years now and one of the reasons I bought my home here is because the taxes weren’t as high as they are in Fargo so I really don’t want them to go up and I’m okay with what they’re at right now,” says Moorhead resident, Jane Fletcher.
“It’s kind of difficult to really reduce taxes when the city is growing and residents still expect the same level of services and if you’re providing those same services over a larger area it takes more time and it takes more supplies and equipment,” says Moorhead Finance Director, Wanda Wagner.
Wagner says if the home values didn’t increase, tax rates would have actually gone down.
She says the fact that home value is up is a good thing, especially when you’re making the effort to sell.

But she says since taxes are based on value… taxes must also increase.

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