Students at Fargo South High Get Competitive for Poetry!

A group of students at Fargo South High School are competing to become the next Maya Angelo.
The school hosted its first ever Poetry Out Loud competition, which featured five students who performed two selected pieces by memory before a panel of judges.

Students were judged on a variety of things including accuracy and overall performance.

Organizers say the contest is an opportunity for students to practice public speaking skills, as well as enjoy the beauty of poetry.

“Poetry is meant to be heard; it’s meant to be spoken out loud, and so an opportunity like this is just a great way for students to get poetry in their mouths and for other students to have a chance to listen to some poetry,” said Jackie Brown, Media Specialist, Fargo South High School.

The winner of the contest will advance to the North Dakota Poetry Out Loud contest in Bismarck next March.

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