Lawmakers Push for Change in Drug Informant Programs

Lawmakers in North Dakota and Tennessee are calling for an overhaul, or even banning of confidential drug informant programs.
60 Minutes ran a story about drug informants, including Andrew Sadek, the 20 year old NDSCS student who was found dead after being used as an informant.

State Rep. Rick Becker of Bismarck, who is also running for governor, says he will introduce a bill to better protect informants.

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen also wants to end the practice of using young people as drug informants.

Congressman Cohen says, “It’s time for the department of justice to take a close look at how the behavior of confidential informants not only threaten to ruin young lives, but in some cases end their lives.”
 Sadek’s mother, Tammy, says she’s working with Democratic Representative Gail Mooney of Cummings on legislation to help protect informants.

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