Goodbye History: Obsolete Projector Slides Get One Last Night to Shine

Some outdated technology gets one last night in the spotlight.
The Plains Art Museum hosted the “Electric Slide” gallery.

The exhibit takes slides from the soon-to-be dismantled slide library at MS-M, and turns them into art.

Organizers say part of the appeal is the outdated technology, dating back to the 1950s.

Another part of the appeal is turning the old tech into something people in 2015 can enjoy.

“It’s really great that we were able to use these instead of just toss them out and it’s kind of a fresher look at slides that would have been used in an educational setting before, so we’re kind of seeing them in a new light now by altering how they exist,” says event organizer Jesse Suppa

The MSUM Slide library hosts 70,000 images.

It’s expected to close permanently next year.

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