Clay County Jail In Desperate Need Of More Beds

“It’s just seems to be getting worse everyday,” said Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist.
The need for a new jail in Clay County is more crucial than ever.

The Sheriff’s office says to make space, it is has had to house inmates at other jails; which comes with a price tag.
“55 dollars with 55 prisoners. I guess I haven’t added that about up, but that’s quite a bit to pay out each day for these inmates,” said Bergquist.
Currently the department has had to send inmates as far as Douglas County.
“It’s a constant burden on jail staff because we’re constantly processing these inmates in and out of the jail it’s not uncommon or us to process 15-20 inmates a day just to deal with our overcrowding process,” said Clay County Jail Administrator Julie Savat.
Savat says processing inmates in and out consists of multiple steps.
“To get them here for their court dates or probation officer appointments its very time consuming and difficult,” said Savat.
The back and forth also is a strain on inmates.
“It’s tough on the inmates, because they’re not here with their families it’s harder for them to communication with them and see them on a regular basis,” said Savat.
The county is getting a new jail.

The sheriff’s office is hoping to break ground for by 2017, but until then they will continue to have to battle the need for more beds.

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