National Snocross Racers Don’t Need Much Snow

The Snocross race is in town but there’s not much snow.

This is the second of the eight races in the National Snocross Race Tour.

The mild weather made the Snocross pit look more like a mud pit.

Professional racers aren’t letting this weather rain on their parade.

The sport of Snocross racing relies a lot on snow.

But Mother Nature did not deliver on time for the national tour.

Some thought the event would be cancelled.

“We had no doubt. The snow had been held up really well. We’ve been fortune even with the kind of terrible weather we’ve been having, we’ve been lucky. And the snow works, so we’re good to go,” says Snocross Media Director Miranda Hopp.

About three million gallons of water was used to create this snow track.

But surrounding the track is nothing but mud.

For most racers, mud isn’t ideal.

“You know having mud like this, you can’t drive your sleigh to the track cause you’re going to get that mud up in your track and rear suspension. It’s just causing a mess for everything down the road. You don’t want to burn your sleigh out for the rest of the year. This is only our second race,” says racer Justin Broberg.

This is just a tiny bump in the road for Broberg, who won bronze in the 2014 Winter X Games.

“So we’re plugging away and I guess now it’s just going for a points championship,” says Broberg.

Focused and ready to perform, Broberg has his family and friends to support him through the four month tour.

“I like to be there to support him. He’s always off doing his thing and he’s always busy. But I just want to be there for him and be there for him for whatever he needs.” says Broberg’s girlfriend, Dani Will.

The next stop for the Snocross race is Shakopee, Minnesota on January 9th and 10th.

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