The Force Awakens in Fargo: Fans Flock to New Star Wars Flick

It’s here. Fans are getting their first look at “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.
The movie brings out an enthusiasm in people that other movies simply don’t. Local theaters and film goers are pulling out all the stops for The Force Awakens.
“Haven’t you heard, seen the news,” Marcus Theaters Manager Rick Solarski asks. “”Star Wars” opens tonight!”
People heard. Fans came in two hours early for the first showings of The Force Awakens.
Fan Devan Thomas says, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Star Wars movie so I’m a little pumped.”
Marcus Theaters is prepared for an unprecedented rush to the cinema.
“Due to demand we’ve added multiple screenings”, Solarski says. “This will be playing in ten screens here this evening. Five at the Century.”
The movie is showing 82 times a day at West Acres Cinema, for fans like Emily Beierle.
“Super excited,” Beierle says. “I haven’t slept in days.”
She’s part of the 501st Legion, a group of Star Wars superfans who dress up and raise money for charity. The new movie is good for business.
“We’ve had a lot more interest in members and people recognizing our costumes,” she adds.
The Star Wars movies inspire a fanatacism that’s second to none. Fans of the movie say it’s a spectacle that just can’t be beat.
Thomas adds, “People just like crazy stuff. It’s what sells.”
Beierle says, “It just really appeals to kids and adults and it’s just really the classic good versus evil. It makes you feel like there’s hope in the world.”
Whether you support the rebels or the empire, everyone seems to be getting behind “The Force Awakens”.

Marcus Theaters in Fargo is showing Star Wars screenings 24 hours a day through Sunday.

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