Local Mosque Open Doors To Shut Down Misconceptions

A local mosque opens their door to the public for an educational session in hopes of better understanding Muslims.
The term Muslims has popped up in the media a lot lately.

With the political debates on ISIS and the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California, Muslims are getting generalized with the bad apples.

The Islamic Society of Fargo-Moorhead invites the community to sit down and set the record straight by sharing knowledge about their religion.
“We were initially really nervous,” says Islamic Society member Eram Shahira.
Shahira shared that she had no idea on what the response would be like for her mosque to hold their first open house.

It is believed that over 600 guests attended the event.

Even the mayor of Fargo made an appearance.
“It’s really been nice to see all the people show up. They served food; they explained religion, the culture, and all the different things going on. I think for our community to come out and take a look at this is great,” says mayor Tim Mahoney.
The mosque came to a decision to open their doors after receiving calls and emails stating to clarify the misconceptions about Muslims committing hate crimes.
“The common sense Americans will understand that it cannot be. You just have to open the Quran and look and you’ll see that we are no different,” says Islamic member Mohammed Sanaullah.
The lecture went to explain that Muslims believe in Islam and that the book of Quran continues after the prophet Jesus.
“You know, we have our differences but we have more common things than differences,” says Sanaullah.
Fargo resident Kevin Lanners was one of the many new faces walking into the mosque.

He reached out to the Islamic center after Donald Trump’s statement to ban all Muslims from entering the country.
Lanner’s email says, “That we’re all not like that. They are welcomed into the community and loved. I believe in the freedom of religion for anybody to practice whatever they want. And to exclude someone for their religion from entering the country is crazy.”
Lanners like others brought family members to learn about the Islamic faith.
“You can’t live in fear and you have to be educated as to what everybody believes. Once you learn what people actually believes, it’ll eliminates the fear,” says Lanners.
Mohammed says that the Islamic Society has already received requests on having a second open house.

The mosque plans to have another event in January.

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