Fargo Fire Delivers Gifts to Children’s Hospitals

Firefighters are dropping it like it’s hot this season, dropping off gifts that is.

Fargo firefighters came bearing gifts this morning at both Essentia and Sanford Children’s Hospital.

They say they still get fired up for the 26-year-old tradition.

 “We’re just appreciative to continue the tradition,” says Fargo Fire Captain Chris Pieper.

It all began when a Fargo firefighter’s son was in the hospital.

People visit hospitals throughout the season but rarely on Christmas.

“Then they found out kids were worried when they were in the hospital that if they’re here Christmas day, Santa wouldn’t be able to find them,” says Pieper.

Firefighters on duty from Station 1 and 4 joined forces for a few hours to pay each kid a visit with a present.

Patients received toys, games and even cash.

Pieper adds, “It’s just something to make us feel good. Again to be able to see bring people up instead of always seeing people sad about what happened.”

Spending Christmas at the hospital is never on anyone’s wish list but this patient says firefighters stopping by makes the day all a little brighter.

“I thought that was cool. It means quite a bit,” says Sanford patient Carter Casey.

15–year–old Carter from Breckenridge was diagnosed with cancer two months ago.

He never expected to be in the hospital this year, let alone on Christmas day.

Carter expresses, “It kind of sucks. I rather be at home obviously but the doctor says it’ll be better if we got it done. We were supposed to check in on Sunday but my counts were too low so they couldn’t start chemo again.”

Carter hopes to be out of the hospital by Tuesday.

But for a boy who isn’t able to be with his family on Christmas, getting a gift from a friendly firefighter is a good way to kick off the holiday.

“It makes you feel good. You can’t help but feel good that you’ve done something nice,” says Pieper.

Fire Captain Pieper says this is a record year.

Over 40 kids received gifts at Essentia and Sanford Health.

The gifts were paid for from a charity account funded by firefighters.

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