Locals Hitting Outdoor Activities In Detroit Lakes

Temperatures are dropping but winter outdoor activities are on the rise.

It has been a mild winter but it’s safe to say that the cold season is starting to kick into swing here.

“We like temperatures in the teens because it makes for good snow making weather. We don’t like it to get too much colder than that because people don’t like to come out to ski or snowboard when it’s too terribly cold. But this is good weather for us,” says Detroit Mountain General Manager Jeff Staley.

Good weather makes for good company especially for families looking to shred together.

The Petersons have already gone to Detroit Mountain 10 times since the park opened this season.

Levi and his son Caiden can’t get enough of the snow.

“Well it’s his second year so he already hit all the hills so that’s good. But we’re just kind of working on bigger and bettering things,” says Levi.

Eight year old Caiden says he enjoys the father son bonding experience.

“Doing stuff. Going down ramps and stuff,” says Caiden.

The holidays tend to bring families together, but for Tom and Jake, friends are family.

The old pals decided last minute to drive over Detroit Lake to ice fish.

“Jake went for a drive this morning and he saw there were nine inches of ice out here and it’s fish house capable, so we’re going to hook on and give her a try,” says Tom Saunders of Glyndod.

And hook on they did.

They used a four wheeler to drag their trailer across the frozen lake.

Both fishermen are looking to catch an assortment of fish.

“Hopefully we’ll catch some few pikes and maybe some crappie and blue gills and of course walleyes, that’s what we’re always after,” says Saunders.

But there’s more to huddling around a hole and catching a few fish that has Tom and Jake coming back.

Saunders explains, “It’s fun. Hang out, share stories, all that good stuff.”

Detroit Lake is expected to have more people coming to town for the winter fun activities through New Year’s.

Fishermen say the lake has at least nine inches of ice, enough to support people looking to drop a line

For those looking for a fun winter cardio, Detroit Mountain is open every day through the New Year.

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