Shop Till You Drop: Day After Christmas Sales

The countdown to Christmas may be over, but stores are filled with shoppers enjoying some blow out sales.
Christmas is over, but post holiday shoppers wasted no time. I couldn’t help but tell this post holiday story through a Christmas rhyme.
It’s the day after Christmas and all through the stores are a flurry of people looking to spend a little bit more.
“We have a lot of guests that come into the store and redeem their gift cards, spend some of the Christmas money they got we also have a lot of great deals the day after Christmas,” says Moorhead Target Store Team Leader Tina Miller.
Buyers look through the shelves with care.
“Just looking for sales and just going Christmas shopping for gifts,” says John Bright of Fargo.
In hopes that the sales racks won’t be bare.
“Just kind of walking by and sales everywhere,” says Joanna Johnson of Fargo.
Not everyone is here for a post-Christmas sale. For many are late telling their Christmas tale.
“This year we’re celebrating Christmas next weekend,” says Kevin Axtman of Fargo.
The number of people can cause quite a scare.
“I’m not going to be over the whole mall I’ll probably be looking at a few things for 30 minutes then I’ll be out of here,” says Axtman.
But retailers are making sure they’re in good care.
“Clearance in toys, we have our clearance in Christmas. It’s one of those days we really like to sell a lot of stuff,” says Miller.
But despite all the discounts and deals galore.

“I found a nice sweater in American Eagle. It was ten bucks,” says Bright.

One shopper wants just a little bit more.
“I’m more of a shoe guy,” says Bright.
So St. Nick, while your work is through, this shopper will keep looking for that pair of shoes.
It does seem like this day after Christmas sale is becoming a retail tradition all on its own.

Many financial experts have even predicted today’s revenues to be bigger than Cyber Monday or even Black Friday.

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