Low Gas Prices Fuels More Holiday Travelers

For the first time in almost seven years the national average price of gas drops below $2.

These low gas prices are fueling more holiday travelers.

In the Red River Valley you can see gas starting at a $1.64.

AAA says for the first time it is expecting more than 100 million people to be traveling during the holidays.

With great gas prices, more people are hitting the road to get to their final destination.

“Gas prices are great. We made a roundtrip from Spooner, Wisconsin to Bismarck, North Dakota. We’re returning home right now so it always factor in and helped out a lot,” says Wisconsin man, Donovan Schumacher.
With cheap gas prices nationwide, an eight hour drive through two states is saving this family a lot.

Of the 100.5 million people expected to journey more than 50 miles from home, 90 percent the travelers will be driving to their holiday destinations.

This is an increase of 1.4 percent over the last year.

AAA CEO Marshall Doney says, “Rising incomes and low gas prices are helping fill stockings this year, and more people than ever will choose to spend those savings on travel this year.”
For another family, traveling to Cleveland, Ohio sounds like a good road trip, especially for a family of four.
“So it gets a little spendy and the gas prices are just really too good to pass up right now,” says Mandan woman, Danelle Hartman.
Gas prices are just that, low and enticing drivers, even if it is a 20 hour drive.

But for Hartman, traveling on the road will continue past the holidays until they sell their house.

Those gas prices are looking attractive enough to have her drive back and forth for work.
“After we are done with our vacation, I will stay in the cities, he’ll drive back to North Dakota and I’m just back and forth on the weekends.
Lot’s of traveling,” says Hartman.

Driving will remain to be the most popular transportation for year–end holiday travel.

According to AAA, gas prices will likely remain low through January.

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