North Dakota: Fastest Growing State In The Nation

Many of us call North Dakota home, but it’s also home to the fastest growing population in the country.
Once again North Dakota’s population is the fastest growing in the country.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it has been for the past four years.

Compared to last year, the state has already grown by nearly 3%. But it’s not just the oil fields seeing that growth.
Mary Weiler has spent all of her life in Fargo. At 72 years-old she’s seen the area grow and decline. But in the past few years, growth is all she sees.
“I think downtown has been the most impressive but if you go out south you can’t really believe all the development that’s been going on out there,” says Mary Weiler of Fargo.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the state population is just over 750,000 people, an all-time high.

But it hasn’t always been this way. North Dakota has had its fair share of population decline. And with sudden growth means some unexpected challenges.
“We know there are some cultural challenges, there’s been an uptick in crime, we know the down turn in oil prices and other commodities created some stress,” says Rep. Kevin Cramer.
But for Weiler, she thinks the area has handled that stress just fine.
“I think support through our law enforcement, and our medical care system and our educational system here is just, I think it’s just excellent,” says Weiler.
A big factor in the population growth is that North Dakota is becoming more and more of a younger state. Weiler’s kids own Ecce Yoga & Art Studio downtown, they opened the shop back in 2008.
“At that time it was a risk but they have done so well building more of a community here,” says Weiler.
“We as a state are finding our way to this new prosperity that were enjoying and I think there’s no better place than North Dakota to do it,” says Cramer.

North Dakota still has an abundance of jobs. Throughout the state there are 15,000 more jobs than takers.

Despite the slow down in the oil patch due to low prices, North Dakota still has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at 2.7%.

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