Cass County Deputy Rescues Two from Burning Home

A Cass County deputy on patrol spots smoke and rushes to get two people out of a burning house in Harwood.

Dep. Ron Kind spotted the smoke coming from the garage at 111 Ames Avenue in Harwood just after eight this morning.

Authorities say the couple was aware of the fire but hadn’t left yet when Kind helped them get out safely.

Harwood Fire got help from West Fargo fire crews and they had to deal with at least one frozen fire hydrant.

At this time the cause of the fire is unknown, but law enforcement says the house is a total loss.

“Nobody else came forward, and called 911 or anything like that. The smoke was just starting when the deputy saw it. So he was able to luckily be there at that time to get in there and get them out,” said Sgt. Jade Van Den Einde Cass County Sheriff’s Office.
American Red Cross is helping the homeowners with temporary housing.

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