Local Paramedic Program Helps Reduce Frequent ER Visits

FM Ambulance has had to respond to fewer, frequent 911 calls, thanks to a new program.

If you have a medical illness that is constantly sending you to the ER the FM Ambulance Community Paramedic program is here to help.
“They actually have to go home, and do those duties. They’re so overwhelmed, and we can take a full hour if need be to go through, and go step by step and show them what they need to do,” said Jordan Jordahl, Community Paramedic.
The program sends paramedics out to follow up with people who have had to make multiple ER visits due to constant health complications.

Jordahl says education and relationship building has made all the difference.
“We’re able to go out there, and really basically become friends with them,” said Jordahl.
Community Paramedics say the most beneficial part of the program is that it helps people properly manage their healthcare.
Jordahl says it is something he has seen firsthand.
“Once he kind of took charge of his own healthcare his numbers got better, he started feeling better, and he was able to do more things throughout the day,” said Jordahl.
The home visits are at no cost to patients.
“We’re using it as a cost savings right now, because we’ve seeing huge return on the investment. As far as what patients that are using the ER rooms, and how often their being admitted to the hospital, and how well their diseases are managed,” said Jason Elben of the FM Ambulance.
The FM Ambulance says the program is designed to be a short term solution.
Helping patients to learn, manage, and take charge of their healthcare.

Since the program started, Sanford has seen a 45% decrease in patients who are regularly admitted to the ER.

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