Tie the Knot on a Budget? Think Ceremonies by Samantha!

Affordable weddings can be hard to come by.

But one local wedding officiant in West Fargo is changing that.

The average cost of a wedding can be as high as $28,000.

But Samantha Walters of “Ceremonies by Samatha” is offering holiday wedding packages for as low as $300!

Her company offers everything from the venue to the photographer and even the cake.

“There are people who don’t want the big wedding. They don’t want to borrow money for their wedding maybe they don’t want 100 guests they just want it to be two of them and maybe their children, something like that, and that’s really something that’s not easy to find around here,” says Samantha Walters, with Ceremonies By Samantha.
Walters started offering holiday packages just a year ago.

She says business tends to slow down in the winter months, but hopes these affordable weddings will attract more customers.

To find out more about ceremonies by Samantha you can click here.

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